Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Session Like?

Lying on a massage table wearing loose-fitting clothing for maximum comfort, you are invited to rest, breathe and receive. I gently unwind areas of tension within your body in a slow, subtle and fluid manner. You may experience some warmth or sensations of release and even intuit insights about your life. Most sessions are quiet and profoundly relaxing. A typical session lasts between 1-2 hours.

How often do I need treatment?

It varies and depends upon what other modalities or self-care techniques you are using, but general recommendations are: 1) for acute injuries: sometimes 1 or 2 sessions are enough; more commonly it’s 2 times a week for two weeks with follow up as needed; 2) for painful, chronic injuries: at least once a week for 6-8 weeks, maybe longer for very old injuries, decreasing to every other week as needed; 3) for personal growth: as your intuition guides. Usual choices are once every 2, 3 or 4 weeks. I realize finances and free time may be the guiding factor in scheduling appointments. I trust you will know what is best for you.

Can I schedule a “tune-up” session?

Absolutely!! You do not need to have an injury or an issue to work on to receive this treatment. These sessions are a lovely way to deeply relax, restore balance and feel energized and renewed. I receive monthly sessions myself facilitate my sense of wellbeing.

What About Newborns and Infants?

All babies deserve a balancing session to welcome them to the world! The prolonged fetal position during development, stress during pregnancy and the birth process itself can affect a newborn’s sensitive physical and energetic systems. Physical imbalances, colic and difficulty sleeping, nursing, or bonding shift and resolve with treatment.

Potential behavioral problems and learning disabilities associated with cranial imbalance may also be prevented. No force is involved as I facilitate the movement attempting to express. Babies are at ease and their systems respond very quickly.

What about children?

Although most of my experience is with adults and infants, I have treated children. I prefer that the child can lie down peacefully for at least 15-20 minutes, which may be challenging for some children. It’s often helpful for the parent to read a story to the child while I work.

Do you offer free consults?

I am willing to meet a potential client for ½ hour free of charge. This is time for you to get to know me and see if I am a good match for you.

I’ve had Craniosacral Therapy before and I felt nothing/it didn’t work. Why should I try your work?

I have several responses to this question.
the amount and type of training and level of experience make a big difference;
it’s important to have a good “energy” match between client and provider;
it could be timing. Sometimes we’re more ready than others to let go and change.

May I see other health care providers while receiving this work?

Yes!! Many of my clients also see a chiropractor, massage therapist and/or an acupuncturist, as well as taking yoga or Pilates classes. I find these modalities very complimentary to my work.

How do you feel the energy that guides you?

This has taken years of experience to develop and become aware of the sensitivity in my hands and energy field.

What does the energy feel like?

I experience it as a magnetic force that pulls me to certain areas on the body. When that area is clear, I feel the energy either guide me to another area or push me away to indicate completion.

What about phone sessions?

Yes. I believe in long distance (non-local) healing and provide phone appointments for those interested.

You helped transform my accident into a time of growth and deeper understanding. You also helped restore complete range of motion, which I realize now is actually unusual for this type of injury. Thank you for all that you do.” — B.S.